Thursday, 27 August 2009

More plans/Lazyness

I am 9 days away from departure. Fun times. The earlier post showed my flight plan, all of which can be changed, so everything is pretty loosey goosey right now. As for plans within these plans, it's pretty loose too, but that's how i want to do things/lazyness. One or the other, i can't figure out which. A couple of things that i do have figured, i had to apply for my vietnamese visa from the embassy in London. All other countries i'm going to give you 30 day visas on arrival, except Australia but I've got that one sorted too. And New Zealand who let British people stay for 6 months witout a Visa (awesomeness!).

Anyways, for my Vietnamese Visa i had to give exact entry and exit dates, so i figured i'd head towards Vietnam after arriving in Bangkok. I've given myself 8 days to get there,
so i'll spend a few days in Bangkok, make my way into Cambodia, and then onto Vietnam. But then beyond that, I have no plans for SE Asia. 'Citin!

I got some exciting news the other day. I was wondering what to do for Christmas, with my flights the way they are at the moment, I would be in Australia, which would surely be entertaining. Anyways, i got an offer from my mate Dave in NZ that i could spend it with him and his family, which would be pretty cool. However, while i was in Birmingham at the weekend i got a text from my sister, who told me that my Dad's widow would be in Austrailia for Christmas,
staying with a family friend, and that i'd be welcome to join them. Awesomeness!! So hopefully if all goes to plan i'll be staying with them!

Well then, my laid back/lazyness means i still have a fair few things i need to do before i go. I need Travel insurance (important after hearing about Willacy and his knee), I didn't get any for when i was in Canada last summer, I was fortunate not to damage myself, not that the 40+ huskies i was looking after would do any damage, most of them being big softies :D . I kinda snuck through customs there last year as well, telling them that i was only there to visit friends (kinda true) but i'm digressing. CURRENCY. I need currency. Unfortunatly, all the countries i'm going to have different currencies, so i have no idea how much to get. Travellers cheques would be useful i guess, i wouldn't want to be walking around with a wad of cash only to get mugged on the 1st day. I guess once i get to New Zealand i can change all the bits and pieces i have into NZ dollars. Ooh, and suncream, because i burn like a pasty englishman.....because i am one.

I need more razors, although i'm tempted not to shave for a while and see how my pathetic attempt at facial hair gets on. For some reason in the last year its gone from being brown to ginger. What's up with that?! Must be the scottish/irish blood. I still don't like whisky and i'm not a huge fan of potatoes though. (Waits for the 'you are short like a leprachaun jokes)......

Friday, 14 August 2009


So right now the itinerary is looking something like this....

Depart London for Bangkok on September the 5th. Spend a couple of months in that part of the world, then fly out of Bangkok to Christchurch on November the 3rd. Spend a couple of weeks there with kiwi Dave, my mate from New Zealand who I lived with and worked like a demon with at Outward Bound Canada, and also went travelling in Canada a bit with. Fun times.

Then leaving Christchurch for Sydney, early December, can't remember the dates right now. Not too sure what i'm doing for Christmas right now, but these things usually work themselves out. When i was in Canada I had three different offers from various people saying I could spend Christmas with them, which was awesome. So yeah, we'll see what happens then.

Leave Sydney in the new year, head to Bali in Indonesia, explore that part of the world for a bit them come on home when i'm done. I'm booking the flights tomorrow, the cool thing is with this company i get something called a 'travel butler' where i can change flights for free, and just have to email them and they'll sort it out for me. I remember having to change my flights back from Canada in 06 twice because i kept getting a reason to stay for longer, ending up on me going on an awesome OBYC 21 day canoe trip as a peer support. Epic times.Anyways, these are the plans!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Well, this should be fun...